Do Not Be Too Hasty To Paint Someone

Quote 28 - khairilsianiparAs much as we have heard that first impression is important, we cannot afford to be like most people and paint someone based on just that. Yes, our limited time requires us to be able to form quick mental assessments of the persons/situations that we come in contact with but that is no excuse for such ‘lazy’ attitude. No one is perfect. And as much as we are encouraged to always put our best face forward, we sometimes slip up. We make mistakes. Therefore to expect everyone else to be at their top form all the time is foolish. How can we expect others to always be at their best when we too sometimes have our unflattering moments? Perhaps what we can do is to develop a habit of giving someone another chance. It can be however many times you like but personally, I would like to go with two. One is too short. And three is a tad too long for my taste. But to each his own. Having such a system of giving someone else another chance, will allow for a more fairer assessment thus enabling a better decision making process. You do not want to pass up on that gem just because it was covered with dust in that particular moment you came in contact with it.

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