Do Not Live To Be Liked

It is a nice thing to be liked. Not going to lie, it certainly feels good. But to be like, in this case by everyone, comes at a price. No successful person lives to be liked. They live to do great things, to be of value yes, but never to be liked. Because living to be liked is a full time job and you have to focus all your energy to the cause. In other words, you will have to sacrifice yourself in the process. That is how it is. People like people who are like them. If you are too different then it is not that they will hate you (but some do), just perhaps not know how to react when it comes to you, i.e. not what you would call ‘like’. If you are ok with that, then you are a step closer in joining the successful pack. Don’t worry, there are many others who will like you, maybe not the ones you expected to, only better. You just don’t know it yet. Just keep on doing you.

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