Be Consistent In Your Revision

When looking at the greats from afar, they must looked pretty awesome. They have already made it. But for us, we continue to wonder when will it be our turn? To not have to continuously put in the hard work day in, day out. Let it be known though, that these thoughts are self-serving at best. Many fail to realise that like muscles which are already developed, they need to be consistently condition to have them remain at its peak. Likewise. Those that are great at what they do have something in common – they are consistent in their revision. It is not the same as practise though. The latter is something that you do when you want to acquire a set of skills or knowledge. But here, the idea that one who has already mastered something can sit on their laurels needs to be straightened out. Once you have mastered a skill or a knowledge, there is an all too important next step. And that is to consistently do revision. It is not as easy as it sounds though. Discipline at its best is required for this. And this is what separates the greats and the rest.

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