What Are You Waiting For?

To wait for things to be complete and perfectly aligned is another way of saying that you are scared, really scared. And that is perfectly alright. It is only natural to feel that way, especially when embarking on something new and putting your ‘fate/name’ on the line. But seriously, what is the worse thing that can happen? You fail, people laugh at you and all that which makes for a great story one day when you have finally achieved your desired success. Success is good news. But success backed with a story, that is great news. And nothing like failure to make an awesome story. It enables someone (in this case, successful) to resonate with the audience, ie. everyday people. This creates a level of familiarity that both parties share and can relate with thereby enabling the exchange of ideas and knowledge to be more engaging and productive. So, what are you waiting for? Start something and embrace ‘failure’, perhaps a better term – set-backs or pivot-worthy moments.

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