Why So Serious?

You know those events where everyone dresses to the nines and act all prim and proper, in other words stiff, only to go back home and resume their normal daily lives of happy, sad, ups and downs, bad hair days and all that comes with being a human being? The question is just this – why so serious? Sure you can dress it up nicely and look good but is there really a need to be so serious? Everyone can use a dose of laughter in their lives. Well perhaps if laughter is a stretch, lets start with a warm smile, not those fake ones you plaster on your face because you have to. In other words, in the very least, fake a warm smile. It will help to ease the self-imposed tension in the room and is a much better way to meet new people and build relationships. Just remember, each person has a story to tell and they all have hopes, dreams, areas in their lives that they are proud of and those that they want to improve. So just be yourself and treat others like fellow mankind. That is all there is to it.

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