“I Know A Guy”

We all have come across a situation where we could not be of help to someone. We either do not possess the knowledge, skill, money or whatever that is required to be of use. Or so we thought. Here is the thing, it might seem cool to be able to have all the answers and all that, but even Superman is helpless towards kryptonite. So get off that imaginary podium you have constructed for yourself and join the enlightened ones.

We need each other.

So the answer, “I know a guy” when asked about something that you do not know or able to personally assist with, is more of a mindset that creates opportunities rather than inhibits.

It is very easy to say “sorry, can’t help you there”, “I don’t know, try google it”, etc. You might not even realise it, but you have just slammed the door of opportunity smacked right at your very own face.

Opportunity for what you might ask.

Anything. Everything.

It might sound a little over top but it is true.

Change the way you approach such situations where you do not have the personal ability to help and you will see awesome stuff coming your way.

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