Take A Small Step Each Day

Sometimes it is a lot to take in. The work that needs to get done in order to achieve a desired outcome can often, more than not, seemed insurmountable.

That is why not many achieve greatness.

It is not that they do not how to do it, just that they do not want to do it.

It is too much for them.

So some will make up stories in their heads how they are probably better off without it, how ‘it is not for them’ and a bunch of other ‘sweeteners’ to make them feel good about themselves.

The trick however, is quite simple (but not easy).

By just taking a small step each day in the direction that you want to get to, you will eventually get there. Who cares if it takes much longer than some people? Many do not even get close to it. All that counts is that you take a step each day, consistently towards your goal, and that you are clear on why you are doing it.

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