People Who Care About You Will Respect Your Decision To Say ‘NO’

Sometimes you find that the only way to save yourself in the midst of all things is to learn how to say ‘No’. Most of us have been conditioned to be obedient, follow instructions, help others, put others before themselves and other seemingly ‘noble’ acts. However, there come a point in life, that you realise that you need to say ‘no’ in order to live your life, i.e. to be happy.

And the thing to take note here is that the people who care about you will respect your decision to say ‘no’. Those are not the ones who will be mocking you or calling you out for not saying ‘yes’. They will want what is best for you and if you believe that by saying ‘no’ to that request, event or occasion is so, then they will be by your side. Anyone who doesn’t will do otherwise.

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