Life Is Easy


To those of us whose lives are a constant race against time and everything else, there is not much left to spare to think about other stuff. And for this group, it is almost an absolute given that none would agree that life is easy. The question of what it is that makes life not easy will most likely be answered with a resounding “everything”.

And because that is what they believe to be true, so it is.

What if the reality is that we have a choice? That we have the power to decide if we want our life to be easy or difficult. What if we know that ‘easy’ is possible and not just a far away dream?

If we look at the choices that we have made in our lives, we might notice that most of the stresses in our lives are brought upon by our own choices. We fall into the idea that the more challenging the way is, the better the outcome. While that may certainly make a good story, it is not necessarily true.

Do not complicate things. Un-complicate your life.

Fall in love with easy.

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