It Is (Really) Okay To Not Finish Something That You Started


There is this big following of the idea that if you have started something, you need to see it through. And if you do not, you are deemed by society to not be trustworthy, reliable or responsible. While you can argue that like it or not, there are some societal rules that we need to adhere to if we want to be part of it. But isn’t it also true that when someone has defied all odds and have ‘made it’, society celebrates them too, all the same way, perhaps even more? The reality is that we usually act to our best intention, knowledge or circumstance at that particular time. And naturally, when you are given more time, your intentions, knowledge and circumstance will most likely change resulting in a different perspective. So perhaps we need to revisit how things are in society and accept that while it is not perfect, it should also be given ample room to include flexibility and the idea that they might not get finished in the end.

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