“I am not afraid of having that experience”

Fear is something that is different from one person to the other. You might want to call it ‘customised’ if you will. Some people are afraid of spiders, heights, speaking in public, sitting for exams, being in small spaces, having their blood taken and there could also be others who are afraid of rejection (well, maybe that last one has quite a community for it). Anyhow, one of the ways I have learned to overcome fear is to charge whatever that is, to experience. And then acknowledging to yourself that you are not afraid of having experience that. Well, some might think that is the most absurd thing ever while others might think that perhaps they might want to give it a shot. To the former camp, I suggest you look at it this way. Is that fear stopping you from going to the next level in your life? If it doesn’t and you can still enjoy and have personal growth without it, then perhaps you can definitely do without it. But if you need to ‘cross that bridge’ no matter what, it is best that you charge it to experience and that you are not afraid to have that or be paralysed by your inaction and all consuming fear. The choice is yours. Or you can just not know what you are getting into until you are halfway through climbing a mountain and you realised that the only available option that has the higher chance of not letting your family lose a son or a brother is to keep on moving forward.

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