Own The Fullness of Yourself Without Ego

Ego is a very seductive and disruptive creature. It is alluring yet when embraced kills you. Owning oneself, fully, can sometimes be seen from the outside as a negative trait. A lot of adjectives are attributed to that sort of character when in fact, the need to owning oneself fully is very much needed to succeed as well as a contributing member of society. The balance that is needed however is in how you conduct yourself with the knowledge of the fact that you are owning your whole self. Yes, every inch of it. That strength and conviction can definitely intimidate someone but the more stronger that is, the more you need to practise humility. Spend time with people who you have known and have been hanging out with since before you are at where you are right now. Is it family or friends? Regardless, being around them will help you keep your ego in check, without taking any of your fullness away from you.

2 thoughts on “Own The Fullness of Yourself Without Ego”

  1. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, ego = edging God out so I agree, it’s important to check your ego and to let more love in with humility.

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