What You Tell Yourself Matters A Great Deal

One thing you have to keep in mind as you live each successful day is that what you tell yourself matters a great deal. Anything that happens to you, has already been done. It is no use to cry over it, and have the devil whispering ‘ifs’ into your mind. You are much better off figuring out how will you approach the matter. And these in large part has to do with what you tell yourself on a daily basis. If you have been telling yourself that you are a success, then your actions will sub-consciously reflect that. And it is true otherwise. Your self-talk will manifest itself in your actions. So whenever you wonder why are you behaving a certain way, ask what have you been telling yourself? There usually is a direct correlation. Once you have realised that this is true, and not some made up statements, perhaps you might want to be conscious of what you say to yourself. And eliminate those that do nothing but bring you down.

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