Resistance Won’t Kill You Right Away, But It Definitely Will Hurt You Somehow

Who does not like comfort? I would imagine not many. It is a great feeling to be comfortable with one self, people around us, work, surroundings and the list goes on. But what happens when something caused a change in that comfortable world of ours? A common reaction would be to resist. Resistance to change is a very common aspect in life and business. They even have modules in university talking about it and how to manage it, etc. Funny thing is, we all know that the only constant thing in the entire world is change but we stress so much in trying to contain it that we fail to enjoy what we currently have. All of us will age, we will all die eventually, including our pets. Technology is on a constant evolution (simple economics if you ask me). New businesses will come up. And the list of change continues. The faster we realise that resisting change is most of the time a losing battle, the better we can get on with living a purposeful life. Going down that road is often time a miserable one. Rather than holding on to something that does not last, make preparations. Be a visionary. Focus on solutions. That is how you win.

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