Become A Student Of Value

To understand worthiness, you need to be able to appreciate it’s value. A multi-million dollar painting would seem just another ordinary piece or art to someone who does not appreciate the value of the work. Similarly, a historical building with intricate constructions is only really appreciated and highly regarded by someone who understands the sheer amount of work that goes into it, and that it is more than just a beautiful building. Few people in this world really understands the value of a piece of work. Most are blinded by the sheer speed and access that technology has afforded us and the money or cost that is displayed. Somehow, these are the factors that weigh in heavily on most consumer’s mind when looking for his or her next purchase. Even if value is added into the factors, it would most likely be related to it selling price in the future. Value is not however lost. It is currently being kept in the many books and minds of the learned ones. Study them. Be a student of value, before it really is lost and ‘value’ is placed on superficiality.

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