Forgive Those That Have Wronged You

I know it is hard to forgive someone. Especially when you have been wronged by that person that it broke you into pieces. I am not asking you to forget about that pain and let them go scot free. Instead I would like to invite you to let yourself be free. Free yourself from that which consumes you inside. That feeling of hurt and perhaps even hatred that eats you up bit by bit till you are numb to the opportunities, happiness and beauty that surrounds you. By allowing yourself to move beyond the pain, the hurt, the hatred, the memories, you gift yourself a new life. A life where you can live your highest and truest self. By forgiving those that have wronged you, you are essentially giving yourself permission to live a better life. One where you are not chained to others’ negative doing unto you. One where you take back the power to chart the course of your life.

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