Get Over It

So you don’t feel too great. You think that you have messed up somehow. And now you feel terrible. Well, they are all probably true. Or it could just be in your head because you naturally like to overthink things and making up stories when they are not there. Either ways, you need to get over it, fast. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can get on with making the best out of your life. You see, we all have those moments, when we cannot point to what it is that is shaking us up. As much as it would perhaps be useful to get that cleared, it could also be simply a combination of things that on it’s own would seemed small but when happened concurrently, really adds up. So it might be because you are tired from work, people raised their voices at you, you still have a lot of chores to do, some people are seen to be distancing themselves from you and all of that when add up plus other things can really bring a person’s mood down. So take a rest. Sit things out, get over it and come back kicking.

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