How Many Hearts Have You Moved Today?

The key performance index or indicator of a company is usually measured by dollars and sales made. What if instead of solely focusing on that, it also includes a more intangible indicator. What if the number of hearts that your company has moved daily becomes an indicator as well? That would be something. Although measuring it would require some added thought, achieving it would be something worth actually considering. Throughout time, business has been all about serving a need of the consumer. And with the change in times, doing so has evolved and so has their needs. Because of the increased in choices and exposures, they are now more particular and pay more attention to where they are spending their money. And the fact that people rarely spend their money logically but rather emotionally, the focus of businesses should always be on affecting as many hearts as they possibly can. The sales need not be an immediate result but having continued engagement and advocate from these people would be beneficial to the business in the long run.

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