Stop Thinking. Just Do.

We can’t help it sometimes. Even after knowing a couple of times that in order for something to happen, we need to put in the action, the work and that thinking although is needed, it should not be in the expense of preventing us from taking any action at all, we still do it. We still fall into the very comfortable trap that is in our mind. Somehow thinking makes us feel as though we are moving forward to our goal or dream. But the matter of fact is, you are still stuck at zero. Yes you have given some thought to it, maybe even a lot of thought to it. But the reality is that until you have made a physical action towards your goal or dream, you have done zilch. So if you want to lose weight, you cannot just think about it or even read about it. That is all good, but your weight loss journey will only happen when you start cutting down on your calories, be more conscious of what you put into your mouth, skip some ropes, throw in the weights and anything that requires you to physically move towards your goal. Stop being paralysed by your thoughts. Just do.

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