If You Don’t Know What Your Passion Is, Just Focus On Creating

We have heard the word ‘passion’ being thrown around so often that more than inspiring and motivating, it has caused a lot of confusion amongst many. “What is my passion?” “How do I know if this is truly my passion?” “How do I find it?”. Such questions come to mind for many who are not clear on what that is and ultimately get frustrated with the process and gives up on it. Here is the thing. We are not born with a tag saying what our passion is. We could even have more than one. So the only way to go about it, is to create. To try. To experiment. You do that a lot, and you will eventually find it. Thinking about it does not really cut it. Doing that is a sure way for you to get frustrated with this ‘passion business’ or even yourself for not knowing what that is. To know, you need to do.

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