Give Thanks To All That You Have And Not Have

A lot of times we forget to take a moment in our daily lives to give thanks. And even when we do, we usually only do so for the ones that we have. True gratitude I believe is when you are grateful for both of all that you have and also not have. When you think of it, whatever that is you do not have is indeed a blessing. It might not seem like it when you look at it on the surface. But when you internalise it, you will understand that it is true. There is always a good reason behind it. More often than not, because we come from the space of negative emotions when it comes to the things that we do not have, we tend to not be able to see the beauty of the situation. Yes, it is about training yourself to look at things with a different set of lens, which will most likely help you in life and be the best that you want to be.

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