What Is Your Effect On Others?

The life that we lead and live everyday is a gift that we share with others. The social interactions that we have with another human being and the work that we do have an effect on someone else. That is how it is unless you have successfully managed to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and live on a remote place devoid of any social interactions and communications. Even then, you would also need to not be able to have access to the internet which with new technological developments have allowed virtual communications to take place much easier than ever. Any interaction we have with other people, be it in person or virtually, leaves a mark or an impression on them. You might not be conscious of it. But just because you are oblivious to it, does not make the rest of the world like so. You never know when that little smile you gave to someone had made his or her day a little more bearable or that eye contact you made with the service staff while being served, give them a sense of acknowledgement of their worth as a fellow human being. These seemingly little gestures can create a lasting effect. Now imagine what your bigger gestures can do. Every time you are in the presence of someone, you are creating an effect. Positive or otherwise. So be mindful of your own presence.

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