Sometimes You Take A Chance And It Does Not Work Out

Fortunately or unfortunately, you will realise that when you take a chance at something or even someone, it might just not work out. There will always be that possibility. To think otherwise is blind foolishness. We cannot control outcomes. We can try to engineer it as much as possible but ultimately, it is not up to us. Once you are clear on why you should not put all your hopes on outcomes, you will eventually realise that life is beautiful. Sometimes it will go your way and sometimes it will not. That is just how it is. Sometimes you take a chance and it works out and sometimes it does not. That is not to say that you should stop taking chances because that is a part of life. The think to always remember is that to give it your best shot whenever you take that chance. Don’t leave anything behind. And also, always remember to not concern yourself with the outcome of it.

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