Stop Wishing. Start Dreaming. Make It Happen.

There are people who love making wishes. They love to wish for things to either happen or go away. Then there are others who love to dream. They usually dream big dreams. And most of the time, society calls them dreamers, which is not exactly encouraging. It does have a negative connotation to it. Like a sarcastic remark. But in reality, those are the ones who actually make things happen. Those who are successful are once and perhaps still are dreamers. They rarely wish. But they certainly do dream. Because a dream is a powerful vision that one has for themselves which empowers them to do what it takes to see it become a reality. A wish however usually amounts to hope which more often than not, lacks the weight that it needs to see it through. The better use of your limited resource, i.e. time and energy, would be to invest them in dreams rather than wishes. Stop wishing. Start dreaming and make it happen.

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