Love Without Owning

To love and be loved is a beautiful thing. It is a blessing. But to be able to love without owning, that is the truth. That is when you expect nothing in return and your love remains unconditional. A lot of us want our efforts and ‘investments’ to bear returns. It becomes like a transaction. We expect something. We want to be able to ‘own’ the other party and put on the label, ‘mine’. It is not easy, yes. But when you realise that in the end, your love came out of free will, the least you could do is to trust that so it will be for others too. It is not up to you if your love is returned. But you better give your best shot and shoot the cupid’s arrow like your life depended on it. After that is done, release. It is not up to you anymore. If it is reciprocated, that is a bonus. A beautiful gift indeed. Otherwise, it was life’s gift to you – that you are capable of love, without owning.

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