A Life Full of Abundance

We live a life full of abundance. I don’t mean the cash in your pocket, wallet or bank balance. That would be quite hard to justify, given our insatiable need for more. What I am continuously reminded of, especially through my travels is the grandiosity of this world. We have a very huge and grand earth. The beauty and treasures that are displayed in all of its magnificence and those that are hidden deep inside the bellies of this temporary abode are just beyond human comprehension. And through the contemplation of that, my worries and dreams become very small to a point where it resembles a tiny speck of golden dust. My very own golden dust. That realisation and framing of the mind empowers me and gave me strength. I truly believe that there is and has to be a greater power than science and perfect mathematical equations that have created all of these. And through that belief, I believe that my dreams and goals are possible. It just makes perfect sense. Each time I sit at the window seat, I see abundance. I see greatness. I see how small the big, and supposedly revered cities become tiny, minute blocks glimmering from far away. It is possible. I just don’t see why it isn’t. I can’t see it. My eyes have been opened, and I pray that it will never again be closed.

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