Do Not Leave Your Success To Your Willpower

Usually, when you are running high on inspiration and motivation, you feel it in your bones that you can do it and be successful at whatever it is that you want to do and that nothing will stop you. And then you find yourself after some time, tired and on the verge of letting it go and giving up. It could be losing weight, achieving a particular goal, a resolution or what have you, but ultimately you find yourself unable to commit. And then you feel down and play the ‘self-hating’ card. Telling yourself that you can’t be successful and that what everyone else said was true. Now, get a grip of yourself and listen. One, there’s nothing wrong with you. Second, you need to set yourself up for success. Do not leave things to your willpower. Do not pass by the ice cream parlour “just to take a peek” when you are doing your hardest with your workouts in the hopes to lose weight. That’s the definition of self-torture there. If you have to write on your laptop or do work without the internet, make sure you are in a place where you have no access to it. Why risk it? You know that you’ll eventually click on youtube with the excuse of “finding inspiration” or “taking a break”, facebook-ing and random browsing on the web. Or if you cannot do that, check online for some tools that will give you a ‘time-out’ session from the web. Bottom line, we all slip up sometime or eventually. That’s normal. We have our days. Just make sure that you set yourself up for success or you are going to have to pay the price.

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