Spend Some Time Dreaming

When was the last time you spend time dreaming? Perhaps for most the word ‘dreaming’ is quite foreign in their current vocabulary. It used to be something that they spend time doing and even asked about frequently when they were little children, well into their teenage life. However once adulthood comes, they are told to stop doing it. Because apparently, that is where they need to get serious, earn a living by mostly getting a job, build a family and career until you eventually retire, and die. But what if I told you that dreaming can be done even in adulthood? That we should never stop dreaming. It gives us hope, and something to look forward to. To live for. And wouldn’t those things be a good thing for you, the people around you and perhaps, even the world? The world need dreamers. More precisely, it needs dreamers who are fearless and consistent in pursuing their dreams.