Withhold Your Judgment

I know. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself. You have perhaps seen it too many times. The same thing repeated over and over again. Blame it on conditioning, environment or culture, to not pass our judgment is often times impossible. But the thing with passing it before we understand or get the full story is that it is very dangerous and pretty lazy on our part. Yes, lazy. Lazy to do the extra work by getting other inputs from credible sources or hearing the entire story from all sides. Whatever your reasons might be, think of it this way. Would you like it if you were treated in the same manner? To be judged before you can fairly present your case? I don’t think so. No one would like that. So why can’t we practise withholding our judgment when it comes to someone else? Why is it that when it is about other people, we are only too quick to write him or her off as this or that but then expect a fair treatment when it comes to ourselves? Do the same what you would like others to do to you.

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