Learn To Listen

Listening is often thought and assumed to be a given. A given skill or experience in life. If you are born with ears, most likely you will be able to listen. Well, not quite. You will perhaps be able to hear unless you have difficulty in doing so, but listening is on another level. It is when you give your attention to another person. And you pay careful comprehension of what that person is saying. It does not stop there though. When you truly listen, you take in other cues from that person. The tonality and other qualities of the voice, the facial expression and also the body language. All of this in the hopes to get the real message that said person is trying to convey. When you are able to be good at all of this, the odds are naturally in your favour. Not everyone say what they mean, especially in certain situations, therefore if you learn to listen well, you will be able to get to the truth, the heart of it.

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