Know What You Are Doing. Do Not Just Blindly Follow.

There is always a great temptation to get sucked into populist conversations. And most of the time, become void of real facts, upholding morals, principles and values that you hold dear. Sometimes just because you want to fit in. What is more unfortunate is when this culture of joining the ‘in’ crowd is largely based on rallying emotions and do little with engaging the mind. It is more so now than ever to be very cautious of this culture of blindly following a particular narrative without paying heed to sound logic. The rapid speed of access to information, the insatiable thirst for sound bites or ‘tweetables’ have enabled the prevalent dysfunction in society. More people need to take a stand and do what is not popular and easy, to study the facts, be well informed on all sides of the story before making an assessment and more importantly, before sharing it to the rest of the world. We all have our own minds. We do not need people feeding biased inputs into them. But in order to do that, we need to take ownership of our own learning and understanding. Know what you are doing. Do not just blindly follow.