You Let You Down

If you had any plans to be successful in any endeavours, know that it starts and ends with you. No one else. It does not matter what circumstances you come from. You can’t choose that. But what you can choose, is to choose to win. Do not raise the white flag after only trying once, twice, thrice or even ten times. If it is important to you, you try again until you succeed or you die. Whichever come first. Don’t go and tell people that it is hard out there when you have given only an ounce of what the most successful people have given to get to where they are. Do not let the glory that you see fool you. The blood and sweat it took for them to get to where they are should also be studied and looked into. In the end, you let you down. No one else. You can blame everyone else. That is your right and choice. But until you take ownership and responsibility of your own success and failures, you will not get to where you want to.

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