You Gotta Love What You’re Doing

It does not matter if you are good at what you do or not. Although the former does help. It does not matter if you know how to make money off it or not. It does not even matter if you prefer black or white really. The most important thing that matters, is you gotta love what you’re doing. When you love doing it so much that you don’t care if you are paid or not, that is a good indicator to know your ‘calling’. This does not mean that ‘love is all you need’ and nothing else matters. But it is always a great place to start. Because when you love what you do, you will find whatever means necessary to make it work. You will stay up late longer, you will work on it much harder and smarter. All because you love what you do. Do not underestimate someone who is passionately in love with what they do. Because of the simple fact that they do so, they are much likely to achieve success beyond one’s comprehension.

you gotta love what you're doing (success daily reminder)

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