You’re A Rojak (Mixture) Of Everything You Add Into Your Life

I believe that we are each curators of our own lives. We are what we let into our lives. We have the power to choose what pieces we let into our own space, be it mentally, physically, internally and externally. There is a term in the Malay language which is affectionately used in its culture to mean mixture, that is ‘rojak’. I am a firm believer that you’re a rojak (mixture) of everything you add into your life. It could be the opportunities that you have allowed yourself to either create or take up on. It could also be the failures and negative people that you allow to get to you. Always remember that you have the power to choose how things will affect you. And by so choosing, you allow it to be a part of you therefore creating your reality.

You're a rojak of everything (khairilsianipar)

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