You Don’t Need To Feel Vulnerable If You Aren’t

In most cases, vulnerability works like a charm when trying to get someone else’s attention. But remember this, you don’t want to feel vulnerable with yourself. Instead you want to be empowered. Powerful. If you are already that, then you don’t need to lower yourself down just so that you can get someone else’s attention. Own your power and run with it. Yes, you might not get many people to offer you help because they assume that you are very much capable yourself. So if you do want help, you need to ask for them. Let it be known that you need help. On things that you sincerely do. Not make something up just so that you can be ‘helped’. The reality is, if you continue to put yourself lower than what you really are, you will eventually become it. And I don’t think you want that.

You Don't Need To Fell Vulnerable If You Aren't - Success Daily Reminder (

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