A Test Is Presented To You For A Reason

If you think that you are going to live without having challenges or obstacles presented to you along this journey call life, think again. What is life without its fair share of tests and challenges? If you look at it on a positive angle, they toughen you up and at the same time, prove who you really are. All that talk about what you think or say of yourself will be at full display with the actual truths. In a lot of way, a test is essentially a reminder, that sometimes, try as you might, you will fall. But the idea is to not let it consume you but hopefully with the wisdom that you have developed throughout the years and experiences, you will be able to face these challenges with a better set of outlook, strength and determination. Therefore I personally believe, that a test could very well be a check to see if one has mentally and spiritually grown.

A Test Is Presented To You For A Reason - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com)

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