#SDR 1316: Do Not Give Others The Opportunity To Put You Down

Know that you have the power to define your reality. That your actions, words and decisions all add up eventually. That life will present you with how you have been presenting yourself all this while. And like most if not all realities, you would realise that how other people react to you is a result of the accumulative actions that you have done thus far. In the end, it will all add up. What you do or choose not to do, how big or small you play, will come back at you in full circle. That actions have consequences. That what you put out, you get back. So set yourself up for success. You know better. Do not give others the opportunity to put you down. Because when that happens, the only person that you should be mad at, is you, for giving them the opportunity to do so by your accumulative actions.


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#SDR 1315: We Are Taught How To Feel When We See Something

What if the presence of blood does not mean pain? What if the seemingly bottomless pit from a high ground does not mean death? What if the programming that we went through as we grew up was the other way round? That the presence of blood is just a red liquid that comes out from a body. That the seemingly bottomless pit appears so because of the limitation of our sight. That everything does not have meaning until we are either taught to or form our own on them. What a life would one lead with that sense of power? Imagine how you would be with that realisation. The way you carry yourself. The way you speak. The actions you would take. Such power. How powerful you can be.


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#SDR 1314: Break Down Your Problem

While it is easy to get caught up in your problems, you should not let that be a reason for you to not take a step back, diagnose what is the actual problem and break it down. More often than not, you would realise then that it is manageable and that it is not the end of the world. It is important that you get out of your own head and become an observer of your predicament. Remove the emotional entanglements as much as you can and look at it objectively. It will be great if you have someone else that you trust to this for you, but if you are on your own or that you do not want to let anyone into your situation, then do your very best to do those things. Many people also resort to prayers as they realise that they need someone higher, bigger to help them with whatever they are going through, and many have found success in doing so. The main objective is to get you through your situation in the healthiest and most effective manner possible. So work on your problem, but never in your problem.


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#SDR 1313: You Only Fail When You Give Up

As far as I am concern, the concept of failure is a construct of human beings. Pitting us against one another, in the quest to find the best, while at the same time ignoring the growth of the fallen. Often times, people will gravitate and fawn over the one who succeeded and leave the one who did not to his or her own devices. Imagine if that were to happen when we were all growing up as a child trying to walk. Indeed, that will be a nightmare. One thing most people were not aware or inform of prior to growing up, is the fact that other people’s threshold for our failures become lesser and lesser. So it is up to your own self, really, to allow that space for failures. Because it is inevitable that we will come across failures in our lives. The more the better. Because hopefully then you would know better and thus become better. Remember that you only truly fail, when you give up.


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#SDR 1312: Observe Your Inspiration

Having someone or a few of them that you look up to for guidance or inspiration is a good step in the right direction to success. They say that success leaves clues and therefore it is up to us to find out what they are and adopt them as our path of action. It is not enough to just listen to their speeches or interviews. You need to study them. Observe their life story. What time do they wake up? How do they eat? Do they exercise? How do they deal in difficult situations? What do they feed their minds with? What books do they read? The more you study and observe those that you admire, strive on inculcating the positive actions into your own life. Not before long, your life starts to change for the better. Keep at it and you will eventually get to your intended destination.


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#SDR 1311: Connect The Dots

If you want to have an edge in life or business, you need to stop whatever you have been doing thus far and take a step back for a moment. Go to a gathering or event that you are not used to or have ever been a part of. It would be great if it is a totally different industry altogether. When you are there, be curious and in the moment, absorbing all the things that you experience in that new environment. What this does is that it expands your mind to other avenues and ideas that can be implemented, adjusted and perhaps you would see opportunities of collaboration taking place with whatever you are doing right now. The more wide and different the industries or environments you are in, the robust your ideas will become. Weave those experiences and knowledge that you gather from the different environments and you will have a great edge to your peers and the public at large. You would see what other people miss. And you would also be able to think what most would not be able to.


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#SDR 1310: Your Talent Only Counts When You Apply It

Regardless of how talented you are, or think you are, it only counts when that talent of yours manifest itself into reality. Talent is something that starts within a person but if it is left unattended, unexplored and ultimately showcased, it only serves as a feel good sensation for that said individual. So you can feel good about yourself all you want about how talented you think you are and how you could do a better job if given the chance, but just remember that in the end no one cares about such people. It is those that dared to bring their talent into the light, whatever it takes, that will win when all is said and done. Do not sit around, moping and waiting to be given the chance, get out there and just show it. There are a lot of mediums and tools available at our disposal to do that. You just need to get off your excuses and get to it.


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