#SDR 1324: Manage Your Imperfections Well

We all have something that we are not necessarily proud of. Given, none of us are perfect. Many people try their very best to improve their imperfections by any means necessary, sometimes even risking their own lives to make it “right”. However, what if instead of focusing on making our imperfections perfect, could we perhaps learn to manage them? These imperfections should not hinder our growth and take away the important things in our lives such as our self-esteem or self-confidence. But in the first place, how do you even begin to identify “perfection”? That ideal something. Imagined out of someone’s mind and that then somehow became the basis to measuring perfection. It might seem quite hilarious and ridiculous if you think about it. Bottom line, it is best to not let that made up definition define your own perfection, but if you cannot do that just yet, work hard on managing those “imperfections” well. Get on top of them.


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