#SDR 1327: Serve Before You Swipe

Too often when people need something from someone, they simply just ask for it. Direct. Straight to the point. Guts aside, there is a method to it. An art form if you will. It is not taught to most but if you can get this concept into your head and apply it, then you would see a higher number of positive results from your requests than if you did not. Always remember to serve first and foremost. Nobody likes a taker, and if that is what your first impression is going to be, what a way to build a relationship. But if you are seen as a giver first, and you continue to give and give and give, then when you actually ask for something, the likelihood of your request getting turn down is very little. Of course, it should be within means and depends on the situation. A lot of people are go-getters, they want to be efficient, so they just ask, with nothing in return. It does not matter how generous someone is, but that is just not the way to treat someone, especially if you intend to have a long relationship with that person. So whenever and wherever you can, offer value first. And if it is a first impression kind of situation, all the more you should remember that.


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