#SDR 1329: Extend Your Breaking Point

We are limitless. What governs our so-called limits is all in our mind. The answer might not be as straight forward as just thinking of it and being able to do it right away. Well, maybe for somethings, that could be a possibility. But generally, in due time, with a lot of effort, creativity, willingness and believe, anything is possible. If that interests you, train yourself to push your own current limitations. Extend your breaking point, like go for that extra one more rep than your usual set. Whatever path that you are on, push your own boundaries. It could be as little as for a moment longer or more if you can. The idea is to always be improving constantly. Do not just stop and coast at your new set of achievements. You need to be continually be pushing your current limits. Figure out ways of how you can make them a reality. Thinking alone will not do it for you. Study, research, do the work. Your potential is beyond what you think is possible. It is just waiting for you to access it.


Extend Your Breaking Point - khairilsianipar.jpg