#SDR 1333: Limit Yourself At Your Own Expense

No one really told us that our thoughts and words have super powers that we could be using to our advantage. Instead we focus on the technical aspect, the skills, the academia and stuff like that. Well, to be fair, we do also throw into the mix, the athletic and creative bit somewhere in between. But very rarely do we put the spotlight onto our thoughts and words, and how they have an impact in our lives and the future. So here is the deal, whatever that goes on in your head and the words that you speak, especially the ones that you tell yourself will greatly affect your actions and any eventual outcomes. So to those who wants to be in the self-limiting space, go ahead and limit yourselves. But do it at your own expense. Do not come into my corner and spread that illness.


Limit Yourself At Your Own Expense 2 - khairilsianipar.png

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