#SDR 1349: Before Anything Else, Accept That You Are Enough

If someone would want to work on improving themselves, I would strongly recommend them to first and foremost, really do the work on accepting that they are enough. That at their basic core, they are enough. That they do not feel inferior to anyone or anything. It could be via mindfulness or meditation, doing whatever makes them feel at their best, and knowing that other people’s opinion of them do not need to be theirs if they so choose. The world is going to tell everyone who they are, what they should do or be, but know that you can take ownership of that. That you, possess all the power that you would ever need to make that choice inside of you. How amazing the world would be if people know that they are enough and they do not need to fit into any particular mould to be accepted, because they have accepted themselves and they know that they are enough. Imagine what people would be able to achieve if they accept all that they are. That doubt in their head, that little voice which keeps second guessing their decisions and making them take a step back from moving towards their dream will probably most likely disappear.


Before Anything Else, Accept That You Are Enough - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).png

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