#SDR 1351: Increase Your “…” Intelligence

Wherever you are right now in life, there is always another level above for you to aspire to. It could even very well be something that is not your main focus at the moment. The more you increase your knowledge in your own field and others, you would begin to realise what really matters at the end of it all and that realisation will bring about a sense of humility, groundedness and self-confidence that is unshakeable. However, just because you have the knowledge does not mean anything if you do not apply them. It is the same like going to school, university and the likes. Graduating with a certificate does not mean anything unless you can apply them in the real world. So whatever knowledge that you have right now, put them into use. Look out for avenues where you can apply them. And then keep building on that intelligence. That is how you always stay at your best game.


Increase Your … Intelligence - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).png

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