#SDR 1353: Execute Your Idea

You can have the most brilliant ideas, but they will not mean anything unless you execute them. While the excitement and adrenaline of sitting on a brilliant idea is a lot of fun, they will not translate into the real world if actions are not taken. In hoping to make their idea a success, many will try to perfect every aspect of it in their mind and perhaps sometimes in writing or digital. They will obsess about all the details even to the tiniest of them all. However, this is the same as if you are really hungry so you go to the refrigerator and see all the delicious food, gazing at them longingly, every inch and detail, but never feed yourself with them. In the end, you still end up hungry. So stop obsessing too much on your idea, go and get them validated. Test it in the real world. Listen to the feedback, adjust if you need to and keep moving forward.


Execute Your Idea - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).png

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