#SDR 1354: Do Not Just Play Lip Service

More often than not, people say things that  they do not really mean. No, I am not referring to the broken promises that are made to move a conversation or situation along. This is about the affirmations, prayers and words uttered by each and every one of us. Can we honestly, touch our hearts and say that we fully meant it when we did all those things that I mentioned above? That there wasn’t a time or two, maybe more where you didn’t really? Because I had my fair share of those times. And it usually takes a moment of hardship to make you realise it all again, if you had meant those things you said. So instead of waiting on for that moment to come, do your very best to commit to meaning all the words you utter whether be it in prayer, affirmations or words. Because by really meaning what you said, you breathe into them a power, that is believing.


Do Not Just Play Lip Service - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).png

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