#SDR 1355: Do Not Dream As Though You Are Going To Live Forever

Time is the most valuable and non-renewable resource that anyone can ever hope for. Although we each have a different contract with it, we are all bounded by it, racing against the clock. However, in the midst of good health, company, comfort and basically all the trappings of a ‘good life’, the urgency or nature of a race is lost on most people. We get complacent, we get very wishful and carried away, dreaming as though we are going to live forever. Only to find out that the utopian moments are nothing but temporary. As the sun rises and sets, bringing light and darkness into the world, our lives too will experience something similar. That is the order of things. You can be sad, but do not despair. This is the reality of life. Cherish every moment. Make beautiful memories. Bring happiness to as many lives as you can. Have big dreams and make them happen. Plan your life well, and do not dream as though you are going to live forever.


Do Not Dream As Though You Are Going To Live Forever - Success Daily Reminder (khairilsianipar.com).png

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