#SDR 1354: Do Not Just Play Lip Service

More often than not, people say things that  they do not really mean. No, I am not referring to the broken promises that are made to move a conversation or situation along. This is about the affirmations, prayers and words uttered by each and every one of us. Can we honestly, touch our hearts and say that we fully meant it when we did all those things that I mentioned above? That there wasn’t a time or two, maybe more where you didn’t really? Because I had my fair share of those times. And it usually takes a moment of hardship to make you realise it all again, if you had meant those things you said. So instead of waiting on for that moment to come, do your very best to commit to meaning all the words you utter whether be it in prayer, affirmations or words. Because by really meaning what you said, you breathe into them a power, that is believing.


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#SDR 1353: Execute Your Idea

You can have the most brilliant ideas, but they will not mean anything unless you execute them. While the excitement and adrenaline of sitting on a brilliant idea is a lot of fun, they will not translate into the real world if actions are not taken. In hoping to make their idea a success, many will try to perfect every aspect of it in their mind and perhaps sometimes in writing or digital. They will obsess about all the details even to the tiniest of them all. However, this is the same as if you are really hungry so you go to the refrigerator and see all the delicious food, gazing at them longingly, every inch and detail, but never feed yourself with them. In the end, you still end up hungry. So stop obsessing too much on your idea, go and get them validated. Test it in the real world. Listen to the feedback, adjust if you need to and keep moving forward.


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#SDR 1352: Redirect Your Focus On Getting Through

When times are tough and you are hanging by a thread, it is all the more reason now for you to redirect your focus on getting through. This is the make it or break it moment, where whatever you focus your energy and attention on will have a larger impact than in any other moment. The temptation to throw in the towel and give in to the hardship will be great but you need to know that regardless what you are feeling right now, you have the power to get through it, but you need to make that choice yourself. You need to believe that you can do it. You might not see how that is possible from where you are at right now, but by just having that seemingly impossible faith, by humbling yourself to be helped by a higher and greater power, you could very well get through it.


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#SDR 1351: Increase Your “…” Intelligence

Wherever you are right now in life, there is always another level above for you to aspire to. It could even very well be something that is not your main focus at the moment. The more you increase your knowledge in your own field and others, you would begin to realise what really matters at the end of it all and that realisation will bring about a sense of humility, groundedness and self-confidence that is unshakeable. However, just because you have the knowledge does not mean anything if you do not apply them. It is the same like going to school, university and the likes. Graduating with a certificate does not mean anything unless you can apply them in the real world. So whatever knowledge that you have right now, put them into use. Look out for avenues where you can apply them. And then keep building on that intelligence. That is how you always stay at your best game.


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#SDR 1349: Before Anything Else, Accept That You Are Enough

If someone would want to work on improving themselves, I would strongly recommend them to first and foremost, really do the work on accepting that they are enough. That at their basic core, they are enough. That they do not feel inferior to anyone or anything. It could be via mindfulness or meditation, doing whatever makes them feel at their best, and knowing that other people’s opinion of them do not need to be theirs if they so choose. The world is going to tell everyone who they are, what they should do or be, but know that you can take ownership of that. That you, possess all the power that you would ever need to make that choice inside of you. How amazing the world would be if people know that they are enough and they do not need to fit into any particular mould to be accepted, because they have accepted themselves and they know that they are enough. Imagine what people would be able to achieve if they accept all that they are. That doubt in their head, that little voice which keeps second guessing their decisions and making them take a step back from moving towards their dream will probably most likely disappear.


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#SDR 1348: “Our Brains Cannot Make Us Happy” – Ali Walker

The more you try to force yourself to think of happy thoughts, the more frustrated you will become. Try it and let me know. Positive thinking is a great concept but it is not so much about focusing on the manifesting such thoughts but more so of how do you train your mind to see the positive aspect of whatever situation that you might find yourself in. Our brains are designed to keep us safe therefore anything that has the potential to jeopardise that will be met with an equal, if not more, form of resistance. So if you are in the pursuit of finding your happiness, it might be in your best interest to not consult your brain too much. Of course, assess the risk to life endangerment and stuff like that. But once those are done, mute it and take action. And if you then realise that it is not for you, pick yourself up and move on to the next adventure.


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#SDR 1345: Do Big Things

The world pays attention to people who do big things. Those who overcame and conquered the tribulations in life, who never settles for less, who believes that limitation only exists in the mind. If you want to play it small and hope to have the big successes, you need to sit yourself down and do a bit of soul searching because that formula simply does not work. Going down that path will only result in sleepless nights and lots of misery. It is also much more exciting and frankly easier for someone to share about something big compared to one that is typical and mediocre. Of course, to do big things, you would need guts and boldness, which everybody has the potential to will it forward. In doing so, it is in no whatsoever way a guarantee to your intended success story but the odds are sure to be on your side compare to you playing it small. So do big things.


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