#SDR 1288: Do Your Best To Treat Others Well Even When They Don’t Deserve It

No matter how frustrated it gets, or how you just want the worst to happen to the other party, you need to be able to manage yourself. Self-control is one of the things that differentiates us humans from animals. Generally, people are good and they mean no harm. However, admittedly sometimes they do tend to get the better of us. That is where we need to control ourselves, find whatever it is inside of us that can steady the emotional tsunami that just wants to be let out, and do our best to treat others well. Yes, even when they don’t deserve it. Because what you put out to the world will come back at you. For example, you might feel very satisfied letting it all out at that heat of the moment, but what it also does is reflect on you as a person and how you react to such situations.


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Don’t Succumb Under Pressure

You will soon find out, if you haven’t already, that there will be those who will oppose your ideas and beliefs. They might even put pressure on you to change them so as to align with theirs. Don’t let them. You got to know why you have those ideas and beliefs. They got to be strong enough for you to not waver easily. If you do falter, then you probably haven’t got strong reasons. However, this is where I would like to throw in caution. You have to get your facts and sources straight. You cannot turn a blind eye on some just because you prefer a particular view. Look at all sides and then make your conclusion. Don’t for the love of God, let emotions cloud your judgment. When you have done that, come what may; they can try their best to shake you up but they will just be wasting their time.


Curiosity Is A Powerful Tool

The way we figure things out is by being being curious. Sometimes it brings us tremendous gains and other times, it might just bite us back. Curiosity is a powerful tool indeed. To stand out and be the best requires you to be more curious and willing to put that to work. If you want to achieve or acquire something, you need to be curious enough to find out how to do it and what is required of you. Then would you be equipped to go and get it. Curiosity is a powerful start. It is like a baby spark that when encouraged would be a sheer force to be reckon with.

curiosity is a powerful tool (khairilsianipar.com)

Go To Bed A Little Wiser Every Time

Your life is the most awesome journey that you can ever have. But only if you make it so. The one true constant about life is change. Or the need for change. And change can also be interpreted as growth. An awesome journey would be one that has a growth element to it rather than one that is declining. If this agrees with you, then make it a point that you go to bed a little wiser every time. Practise self-reflection, observe and learn from your environment and others, read and increase your knowledge. Make them a part of you and you will find that your mind and vision are broader and deeper than before.

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You Gotta Love What You’re Doing

It does not matter if you are good at what you do or not. Although the former does help. It does not matter if you know how to make money off it or not. It does not even matter if you prefer black or white really. The most important thing that matters, is you gotta love what you’re doing. When you love doing it so much that you don’t care if you are paid or not, that is a good indicator to know your ‘calling’. This does not mean that ‘love is all you need’ and nothing else matters. But it is always a great place to start. Because when you love what you do, you will find whatever means necessary to make it work. You will stay up late longer, you will work on it much harder and smarter. All because you love what you do. Do not underestimate someone who is passionately in love with what they do. Because of the simple fact that they do so, they are much likely to achieve success beyond one’s comprehension.

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Go All In. Remove All Distractions.

When you are working on your goal, do yourself a favour and remove all distractions. The likelihood of you succeeding in your endeavour is co-related to your level of distractions. Willpower is often cited as a factor that contributes to one’s success. However, if you are working on losing weight, it makes the effort only harder when you know that your fridge is filled with your favourite desserts and your cupboards are filled with those delicious snacks. You need a strategy to win. You can’t just leave it up to sheer blind faith. It doesn’t work that way. You need to put in the work, not only the ones that have direct impact on your goal but also those indirect ones. Go all in. And be smart about it at the same time. Remove all distractions. Or as much as you possibly can.

Go All In - success daily reminder (khairilsianipar.com)

You Might Not Get A ‘Next Time’

There are some who live life and do things seventy five percent while entertaining the idea that they will do better next time. It might sound good to them when they tell it to themselves. But what happens when there is no second or third chance? What if that one time is the only chance that they’ve got, and they have let it go just like that? Well, that’s what happens when you think that life and time will wait on you. Be careful of that. It is a tempting idea, one that has fool and deceive many. Do not let yourself be con by that same thought. Whatever you do, give it all you got. Because who knows if you might still be around long enough for that elusive ‘next time’.