Success Daily Reminder 119: There are always solutions


We all might across those moments where we thought that there was no way out. That it was the end for us. Our dreams are crashed. And our life as we know it, is over. Well, maybe not that extreme, hopefully.

This what separates a believer from a non-believer. Know that whatever you are presented with, you can overcome them. Yes, we might not know the solutions at times, obviously. No matter how much we know, there is always so much more that we do not know.

But what we can do is seek. Seek for the answer. It does not mean that if you do not know the answer, there is no solution. Get out of your head and search for it. There is a solution out there.

Success Daily Reminder 118: Stop Thinking Too Much


The best time to do something great is when you’re in the moment. When every fiber in your being just wants to explode from the sheer rush of energy that you are feeling, that is where the magic happens. With something positive of course.

However, it is not always that you are blessed with the convenience or time to act in the moment. So, the next best time to do something great, is to act on it the next time that initial thought reappears in your mind space. Therein lies the danger zone though, when you are in that state, your subconscious self or rather, the built-in chip in you that is wired to protect yourselves will sense this sudden shift in balance and will do it’s level best to keep you safe, by thinking and overanalysing the situation.

So, the next time you want to do something but you are thinking too much and hopefully, you realised that, stop thinking and just do it. It requires practise, certainly. But like pretty much anything, as long as you are persistent at it, you will most likely achieve whatever that you desire.

Success Daily Reminder 117: Gratitude Needs Constant Reminding


Being in the constant state of gratitude needs constant reminding, at least until it becomes second nature. That takes a while but it is not impossible. Once we are consistently in that state, we would be able to appreciate life’s little gems that are often hidden in those times when we are in need of salvation. Where we feel our lives have lost its meaning and our pain is magnified by the absence of faith and gratitude.

Success Daily Reminder 116: Your Energy Is Key


Countless lessons and articles have been shared on time and its management. I believe that they are great resources to get your life in order. But solely focusing on that will not bring you the success that you desire.

The discussion that many of us are not giving its full required attention is the importance of our energy and its regulation. It could be one of the most important factor to keep in check. Personally, I feel that energy is a lifeblood on its own. Without it, nothing gets done. This much overlooked fact needs to be at the forefront of our core so we can maximise our efforts to produce the desired outcome, whatever that may be.

We need to find out the nature of our energy. What feeds or kills it. Basically, if you keep a healthy lifestyle where you get in your daily dose of exercise, maintain a balanced diet and getting enough rest, you should be on your way to have an abundance of energy.

Success Daily Reminder 115: Build Your Network


The fact that luck plays a significant role in someone’s success is undeniable. We could not choose what our features will be like or if we have any gifts, and if so, have a say on what they are. We do not get to choose which family or even the environment that we are born into. So to a certain extent, the argument that luck plays a role in a person’s success is not unfounded.

However, with that being the law of nature, is it then pointless for ‘mere mortals’ to dream of being successful, at the level of those who were born into all the above-mentioned gifts, or even better?

This is where what we do, the power of our action, comes into play. The way of the world from someone who is just an average citizen might seem mysterious, that there seems to be a secret formula for those who have become success stories. But let’s just remind ourselves, that those people are human beings, with similar needs and wants like everyone else. We tend to usually help our friends, or the people in our circle much more than strangers.

Knowing people and building your network is very important. Indeed, if you want to be successful at any field, your network – who you know – could determine how fast you will reach your goal, or even at all.

Success Daily Reminder 115: Be Faithful to Your Dreams


Having faith that one can succeed in any endeavor is often only one side of the coin. The other is to be faithful to it. When a person is being unfaithful, it takes away a part of them. Initially, conscience will ignite the guilt in their hearts causing them to be remorseful. But as the act continues, the guilt diminishes, which in the end leads one to resolve to not have any dreams. And that is when a life ends.

Success Daily Reminder 114: Simple Is Good


We like to think that if a solution is too simple, it must be less effective. We place value on solutions that are more complex and to a large extent, those that cost more. It is a natural progression of thoughts given our current situation where materialism rules the hearts of many and money is generally king.

This affect on the way we think where we tend to complicate things that are essentially simple. The habit of making simple things difficult is generally what causes many to stop and abandon their quest for success. The road to success has been transpired to many avenues that are easily available to many. However, when the mind of the seeker is trained to value complexities in regards to simplicity, he will then feel frustrated with the lack of materials that he assumed are needed to pursue success.

The more research on success stories are done, the more one will realise that the bricks that were laid, are essentially not complex, far from it. Rather it is the continuous persistent on doing the simple tasks right. And that is what most finds difficult. Simple is good but do not mistake it for easy.