By the power of time

The value of time is often forgotten and regarded as an entity that merits no proper consideration. I mean, who buys time, right?

Those who place an insurmountable value on time understands that it is an essential ingredient to whip out that desired outcome. If you truly want to be successful, you have to master time.

Successful people are willing to invest whatever is in their capacity to ‘buy’ time. Either freeing up their schedules for more important events by employing extra help, utilising technology to automate procedures or simply read and learn from an expert about a topic, say cooking, rather than going into the kitchen with no knowledge or experience and ending up literally, cooking up a storm.

I know from first hand experience that mastering time is no easy feat. A little technique that I use to assist me in that area is to give myself a daily schedule – from the time I wake up to when I hit the sack.

Imagine you are a star, indeed you are in your own reality show, and you have this annoying personal assistant who keeps pestering you to hurry up and not be late. Now you might not have the ability to do that but this comes pretty close.

I’ll be the first one to admit, that I am a work in progress in this area. Slipped up couple of times but even so, this habit of scheduling my time has given me the ability to ‘buy’ time as I became more aware of where I have spent it and what could be done to improve my situation.

If time is a currency, how would you spend it?

Do what you don’t want

Sometimes to get what we want, we need to do things that we don’t want. Believe me, it is one of the most challenging things to do but once you are able to, you are one step closer to success.

In many cases, the things that are not good for us, are the ones that we want and gladly do.

Who doesn’t love to sleep in on a fine morning instead of going to work and worst, fit in a morning run prior to that; go to their favourite fast food chain and get one of those yummy looking burgers (at least in the adverts) instead of eating healthy and often uninspiring looking meals; have a luscious sweet vanilla ice cream on a sunny day or my personal favourite, feasting on crispy and juicy fried chickens marinated in the most aromatic spices and flavours.

This is where the constant need to remind yourself of your aspirations comes in. Ours would differ in some or many cases but we all have a few of those.

What I would like to simply remind myself and perhaps yourself who are reading this is – to reach that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow requires the need to do things that we don’t necessarily want to.

Be stubborn, as long as it is measured

The path to success oftentimes does need a little bit of that stubborn gene. This innate ability that exists in each of us is a powerful tool that if use appropriately will give someone that extra edge needed to achieve what he or she desires.

You might find yourself in situations where you have to push through or even go against conventional wisdom, rules and society expectations. At this juncture, some would attribute it to sheer determination or strong willpower to persevere but I simply like to call it measured stubbornness.

This powerful tool is like a double-edged sword that can win you battles or end your life. Figuratively speaking to a certain extent that is.

As you might have noticed, successful people appears to be ‘cut from a different cloth’. If you were to look closely enough, you will find that this trait of measured stubbornness is more pronounced in them.

Now, most of us have been brought up in the ‘traits and personality’ department where being stubborn is frequently shunned upon. Society has effectively associate stubborness as improper behaviour.

I don’t condone sheer stubbornness where the outcomes are not considered or weighed upon but imagine what could happen when you have done the necessary research in something and you strongly belief that it could work out and you take action in it despite what the naysayers, even if it is from people that you care about, telling you otherwise.

Herein lies the crux of the matter.

You stand to gain 0% chance in achieving whatever success that you want if you do not wake up that stubborn gene in you and give it your best shot, with proper measure having taken that is.

Be good to people

The way it works in this world is that life goes on in circles. What we give, we get. Might not sometime appear as how we would like it to, but it comes back in ways that we may or may not realise.

How you treat others is crucially important. The people that we come into contact with, be it physically or through cyberspace, can have a future impact in our lives. And sometimes it can be pretty huge.

The person we think can be of no help to us whatsoever, could be the most important one at a later situation. Some might find this ridiculous but I have experienced it first hand on many counts where I made a silent prayer of gratitude for having treated the respective person well.

Always be good to people, there’s no reason not to.

Do what others won’t

When looking at the successful people we see on the screens, rags of magazines or even the ones around us, bear in mind these two simple facts.

  1. They are human beings, just like you and I.
  2. They have the same amount of time as the rest of us. No more. No less.

You might find these too trivial to give it any merit, but they are the gold mine. By acknowledging these two simple facts, we remove the ‘excuses’ that we tell ourselves why we can’t achieve what those people have.

Some pundits might attribute the success to looks, money, voice, brain and even luck, but who are we kidding.

Aren’t there success stories where the person does not have the looks, the money, the voice and the other stuffs that we put forth to avoid the all-important fact of the matter that differentiates us from them?

They put in the work. They do what most won’t.

They start their morning early. They put their running shoes on despite having little sleep. They consciously select what food they put into their bodies. They make the tough calls. They get back up again as soon as they fall.

Perhaps, next time, when you ever feel like giving up or skipping a workout or do anything that takes you off the path to your success, you need to shake yourselves up and remember to:


Failure is not the end

In life there will be times when you are faced with situations that go against what you have worked and hoped for. But the truth of the matter is, life does not end there.

So what if you’ve already broken your new year’s resolution, skipped a workout or got fired from a job, it is not the end of the world. It may seem like it for a while but that is where life is giving you a pit stop. What you do from then on moves you to a state (best or worst) in your future.

Take a moment and stop, but then you better get up. You owe it to yourself to do at least that.

Often times, people think that failure is the end of all things therefore they should do their best to avoid it. However, when it eventually comes their way, they are at loss.

I love the analogy of ‘burning the boats’ so that you are left with no choice but to make whatever you do a success. Therefore I would like to invite you, instead of avoiding failure, embrace it. Confront it. Be prepared for it and plan how you would overcome it.

Imagine you’re up on stage delivering an important speech and you mixed up your lines. What will you do?

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

Success requires hard work

Often times when we look upon the successful people who are rocking the stage, selling out tours, gracing the front covers of esteemed publications or simply someone who looks great and confident, we tend to forget that what we see, is a ton of hard work put in behind the scenes.

When the curtains are drawn and the world gives them a moment to breathe, these people will be sweating and spending most of their time working to better themselves in whatever field makes them a ‘success story’.

Seldom do we get to see the huge effort put in, and even when do, it lifts us up for only a few moments and then when that dose of motivation wears off, we slide back to what we were before – being comfortable.

Perhaps, the most significant trait of successful people, is that they lived every single day of their lives in that peak state where most people do not.