SDR 071: The Cure to Inaction

In the event you are stuck and find yourself paralyse from taking any action whatsoever, get up and move your body. It might sound very simplistic. But it works. You can sit in your chair and figure out what is happening to you, why can’t you do anything, and you will be doing them for a while and still not get anywhere, or you could just simply get up and move.

An effective method I find is to exercise. Cardio – running, swimming, cycling – is highly recommended. It does not have to be long. Say, 10-15 minutes of moderate to high intensity would be sufficient. It allows the blood to circulate better thus giving you a clearer mind. With that and an awakened mind and body, you will be more inclined to take action and proceed with your next course.

Cure to inaction -> In Action


SDR 070: What is Your Standard?

The main difference between someone who seems to ‘have it all’ with someone who does not, is their standards. Naturally, if a person demands a high standard for himself, his actions and attitudes towards life will be much different than someone who has a middle, low or none at all. Everyone has standards that they live by. And we often get that from our environment.

If you are surrounded with people who demand a high standard for themselves then this might not really be an issue for you. However for those who do not, don’t fret because you can determine what your standard is. Setting a standard for yourself gives you a guide for your actions. As we all know, our actions determine where we end up. Therefore it is important to guide them so that they are aligned with our goals and aspirations.

A good sign to take note when you need to change things up is when you feel bored or unmotivated in your day to day affairs. And a simple remedy to that is to raise your standard.

SDR 069: Learn From Your Experience, and Others’

They say that the best teacher is experience but with our scarce time and very little inclination towards pain, we might want to tweak that a little. Instead of just ‘learning by doing’ or ‘learning from experience’, it might save us a lot of time and disappointments if we could learn from other people’s experiences. Believe it or not, there are people who have already walked in your shoes or have done something similar to what you intended.

As Tony Robbins succinctly said,



With that in mind, put in some effort and source out those life experiences of people that you aspire to be like or paths you want to take. There is most probably already a biography or writing of that subject out there.

SDR 068: Feed Your Mind Right

As much as we understand the importance of feeding our belly, we need to remember that there is also a more important organ in our body that we should also pay attention to what we feed it with. I hope you know that I am referring to the brain. It is alright if you don’t. Most are not aware that the brain needs food too and I do not mean by the ones that we  consume through our mouth. And the thing with that is it does not give obvious signals like when you are hungry.

To put it simply, be conscious of what you read, watch and listen.

SDR 067: Be Persistent At It

Great ideas are a dime in a dozen. So they say. In actual fact, it is much more than that. It might not seem like it or else many would have been successful, or so one might think. Brilliant ideas can be found in most people, even yourself. It does require you taking notice and working with it though but once you ignore it, it tends to wither away.

Being successful does not require you to come up with great inventions or revolutionary ideas. It will be awesome if you do that but it is not a must for success. What success needs most is your persistence. The road to success is most likely not going to be smooth sailing. It could even very well be boring. However, like building a house, if you keep putting a brick on top of the other, you will eventually end up with one.

If it means something to you, be persistent at it. Even water can make a dent on a rock if it is persistent. Imagine what you can do. The beginning might be tough, believe me I know. But you need to just show up and do what you have to.

SDR 066: Let Death Remind You

I feel that we do not think about death as often as we should, at least I don’t, which I am working on. To most, it is a subject much ignored and dismissed from the mind. It is as though we are scared of death and by speaking of it, it somehow has the power to speed up our time. The fact of the matter is, no one can really tell when will our clock stops. Even doctors can’t. But what is for certain is that death will befall upon each of us.

We might think that we have an unlimited amount of time but we know deep down that we are only fooling ourselves. Earlier, I thought to myself, if I were to live up to a certain age, how would I want to have spent my life? Then I reduce the time period again, and again till I realise that what if it is in a few hours or even the next minute?

Honestly, if you have ever been told that you have the potential or you know you do, then you owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to at least live up to it while not sacrificing your morals and principles. And if you think you got none, then you have not yet discover it. Keep searching. Each of us has something special to give.

Do not let your ideas and potential be kept locked in that mind of yours. Own and respect them. You are not going to live forever. It might even be scary to think that you can live up to your ‘potential’. But as Walt Disney said,

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”


Such a pity it would be if they were to join the many other brilliant ones who are already buried six foot under. Now, what you might want to do is to write down all the ideas that passes through your mind each day. It might be hard at first but keep at it and who knows, you’ll discover the amazing things your mind can churn out. Like some sort of an ‘idea jukebox’. What this does is that it enables you to acknowledge your self-worth and also be better at crafting your ideas. Therefore when you find and feel for the one that sticks, you’ll be better equipped to run with it.

SDR 065: Stand Up For Your Rights

Standing up for your rights be it as a customer, patron or human being for that matter, is very important. We might have noticed that often times, people give in and ‘let the matter slide’. Perhaps, we do it too. You might think that you are being merciful or gracious but could it be a sign of weakness instead? Regardless, the main thing here is that you need to set a standard for yourself. The actions that you take will reflect that. What’s troubling is that if the community or environment you are in takes a back seat approach on matters which are not done right, then the possibility for the rectification to occur will be zero to none.

If a party is not doing their job right, as a customer or stakeholder, it is your duty to inform or at least find out the reason. Sitting back and waiting for them to finally get their act together will be a frustrating ordeal for yourself. Some might not like this approach as they view it as being demanding thus uncomfortable. However, I believe that if the people around you adhere to a certain standard, it will also affect you in some manner. Furthermore, as a valued stakeholder, you need to remember that your words carry weight therefore do not let the establishment slide into peril just because you could not care to pay them a visit or even write a simple letter.

If you are afraid or shy, do not worry. Believe in what you are fighting for and remember that you are dealing with humans. Be considerate yet firm. You need to let them know that you are only exercising your rights and that they would too if they were in your shoes.