If you only have 1 year to live, how would you spend it?

Living a successful life is actually simple.

Many tend to think that in order to do that it will require you to have a lot of money, material possessions and pretty much whatever everyone else has that money can buy. More often than not though, that is an ill conceived illusion that is permeated by the powerful force of consumerism.

Before you disagree, just consider this. If you have a lot of money, material possessions and pretty much anything that money can buy, will you consider yourself successful? Whose definition is that? And who are those actually for?

If the answer is not you, then perhaps you might have to rethink them again. If you haven’t thought about it, now is great time to do so.

For the most of us, we are fortunate or in this case, not quite so, to not know when our last breath will be. I believe that it is a shared statement that the ending is pretty important. Journey is too but the end, that’s the closing statement. The one that will be your legacy, the one that your family, friends and future generations will remember you by.

I firmly believe that we need to live a life of meaning, and if we do so, the numbers of years left do not really matter.


Hard Work and Time

If you have nothing but hard work and time, you could still achieve whatever you want to. Sometimes, looking at those people who seem to have everything going well for them could get most of us envious and to some, even jealous.

Now, you might have heard this time and time again but if only you would look into yourself and uncover the immense power, hard work and time could bring, you would feel pretty good about yourself no matter what the situation with on everyone else. Best yet, they are ever present. You just need to wield them to your corner and manage it strategically.

The power those two factors can bring are astounding but it requires a shift in the person’s mind first for that to happen. Change is never man’s favourite thing but a necessary prerequisite to growth. You can’t be doing the same thing day in day out and expect a different, or in this case, better result to happen.

If only we truly understand for certain the unlimited power, hard work and time could bring, the great things we could do for ourselves and the world at large. Each of us has their own purpose in this life but often times, we let this thing called ‘life’ get in our way and deviate from our unique purposes.

Age is Just a Number

Sometimes when you have reached a certain age, people might tell you that you have passed your prime and you should get in the factory line to do what everyone else is doing. In other words, stop dreaming and start facing reality.

If Colonel Sanders of KFC is anything to go by, I reckon that those people should keep that comments to themselves. Surely, some might argue that his scenario is not ‘normal’. But that is exactly it, whoever does something ‘normal’ and achieve their dreams?

The glitzy world of stardom propagated by the media have shown that age is quite irrelevant in respect to success. What is or not shown is the strong dedication and hard work of the artiste or the team behind them that allowed them to reach the level of success that they are experiencing.

Children nowadays are becoming very much interested to be the next sensation. However, I believe that as much as many do their best to curb this interest in the children and keeps on pushing them to study hard, which will only repel them further, lessons of hard work and dedication observed on the artistes could be instill in them from a young age. This will most definitely carry them towards whatever they want to achieve in life.

Other Than You

Family. Friends. Community. Any groups for that matter.

These are important to have when you are chasing success. Many times I have heard about thinking of others before yourself and most times I had been very critical about that concept.

I used to feel that if we did not look after ourselves, who would?

To a certain extent, I believe that still stands however the point that I want to shed the spotlight on is the fact that when you care more about someone other than yourself, you start to behave differently in a more positive manner. It is to many that much needed push or drive to be successful in whatever it is that one chooses.

Sometimes, you have these big dreams and aspirations, however, when the situation gets tough, you find that it is often more easy to simply let go than continue with the struggle as it is only YOUR dreams, YOUR aspirations and YOUR life. But when you put someone else’s into the picture, it changes pretty much everything, unless you could not care less about the person.

A Different Perspective

I love interviewing people. Gaining insight into their world and also to get their perspectives on things. I always believe that each person is a treasure yet to be discovered and it is so interesting that people, at least most of them, love to share but only a few explores that.

When I was much younger, I have always been curious and excited about successful people. Wait, who am I kidding, if they were rich and famous, I wanted to know. Thankfully as I grew older, I began to understand the difference between those things and I have to admit, still a work in progress.

I realise from speaking to different people is that the way one looks at things pretty much shape their life. The ones who are less negative and more positive are my favourites. I find that they are the people that I would love to be around and generally, most of them if not all, are pretty successful in their own right.

Perspective should not define you but it does provide you a compass of sorts.

Success Begins with ‘S’, so Does Start

If memory serves, I have wrote about this before. However, I find that this desperately needs occasionally reminding of. The workings of the mind is so fluid that it flows from one to another and get lost in whatever it is put its attention to.

In order to achieve success, we need to take the first step a.k.a start. The body needs to move and this physiological effect will then enable the progression to achieve the object of desire to take place. It is like starting the engines, getting it warmed up and then taking it to wherever you want it to.

Initially, I thought by doing simple everyday acts like getting out of bed, having breakfast and getting some exercise in, it will allow the natural progression to work on achieving whatever you want to but I have learned that isn’t so.

You need to force yourself to start working on the things you want to if you want to achieve success in anything. They say that the path to success requires you to struggle. Well, we have been told that struggle is a painful thing therefore we do our best to avoid it and hence why not everyone is achieving the success that they dream of having.

Struggling is just a term of an act where you do your best to achieve whatever you desire. This realisation is something that I am very excited about and I hope to explore this.

It looks like we have another word that starts with ‘S’.

Struggle 😉

Give yourself a break

I have realised that in the pursuit to achieve success, taking a break and slipping up are bound to happen. What we have always done, at least I have, is to work my hardest not to slip up or take a break. And when I eventually do, I just combust.

You see, programming yourself to be absolutely focus on your objective is not the best way I have found. I guess there are some truth to the ideas of gradual increase or decrease, ‘slow and steady’, ‘cheat meals’ and the likes.

I am not saying that no one could go cold turkey and be absolutely focus on their objective and succeed. I am sure there are and I salute them for that. I believe there is not just one way to achieving success. And I have found that as much as having the end goal and being committed to it plays an important role, you need to also enjoy the journey or else the tendency for you to slip up significantly increases and if you react like most people, you’ll end up feeling disappointed in yourself and in many cases, abandoning your goals and objectives.

Remember, the most important thing I believe is, not screwing up but getting back up.